February 16, 2018
Mindfulness Review and Paper Discussion


This week there are no assignment readings as I encourage you to use your time to deepen your mindfulness practice.

As discussed in class, you may spend on average, 4 hours working on the weekly assignment.

This week you have that time to:

1. Continue your daily practice (see below)
2. Practice for longer periods of time (at your discretion).
3. Establish your practice more fully, if it has been difficult for you to do so.
4. Review readings that you may have skipped or glossed over.

I may send you one or two short readings that I think you may enjoy and will find useful.

Mindfulness Assignment:

1. Formal Practice: Continue to use Insight Timer and sit each day. I recommend that you do so for at least 10-minutes, but you practice for whatever length of time you wish. Please use the guided practice that I have available on Insight Timer—and/or practice with just the timer/bell.

2. Post Practice Communication with Me: After you practice, please send me a message on Insight Timer letting me know of any (1) Challenges and (2) Obstacles you observed. As discussed in class, a challenge is an event that you become aware of (e.g., footsteps, airplane sounds, e-mail beep) and an obstacle is your reaction to them (e.g., feeling tense, getting frustrated or angry, thoughts about the experience). We will discuss this in class. You may not be aware of both challenges and obstacles, and that's okay. Observe what you do—and label your experience as best you can with the language of challenges and obstacles.

3. Mindful Space: Attend at least one Mindful Space this week. If your schedules do not permit you to attend one (and please do not drive in to school just for the Mindful Space) please let me know at your earliest convenience.