March 9, 2018
Mindfulness, Relaxation and Practice

I very much enjoyed our time together in class this Friday.

This next week is one where you will read excerpts that relate to (1) the potential value of mindfulness to law students, (2) a law student's experience in a mindfulness class, (3) breath-related relaxation practices, (4) approaches to enrich your daily practice and expand your understanding of mindfulness practice.

You will also work on refining your outline—more fully informed from our class discussion—and develop a thoughtful overview for your paper that tracks the outline. So that you may get a sense of how this might be done, I provide you with an example of an outline and overview. Click here to look these over. Please note how they track one another in that the content is pretty much the same between the two, with each being a different way to view it. Your final paper will begin with an Overview, so this is your opportunity to give serious thought to and reflect on your paper topic, content and structure. In my experience, the more time you give to this part of your paper, the easier your paper will be to write and the more coherent and interesting it will be to the reader.

—Readings contained the reading packet. So that you may focus on your outline and overview, there is no written assignment for this week. However, as the readings fo this week are important and warrant attention and reflection, please be prepared to discuss in class (or perhaps take a short quiz) and respond to, inter alia, (1) something new that you learned in the law review, and (2) the value to you of a relaxation practice involving the breath, and the relationship between relaxation, concentration and mindfulness.

—Rogers, S. Mindfulness for Law Students, pp. 38-39, 72-74, 88.
—Kabat-Zinn, J., Mindfulness for Beginners, pp. (TBA Monday)
Mindfulness Assignments

Mindfulness Practice:
Practice and you wish, listen to the guided practices you select for yourself. Try not to let the freedom to choose result in your not choosing anything.

So Be Mindful: Practice the SoBe Mindful Sunrise that we have been doing in class together.

Doing: Tree, Wind, Clouds (this one is new), Sun

Being: Tree, Wind, Bird.

At least once, practice while sitting outside, and once while sitting inside, using the Elements of Nature to help you self-guide the practice.

On at least two occasions, set Insight Timer for 15 Minutes (just the timer part) and practice for as little or as long as you wish. Whenever you close your practice, end the timer and push the "Finish Early" button. On these two occasions, message me your experience.

Aspiration for Class: Breathe