March 23, 2018
Portrait of the Artist as an Lawyer: Creativity, Mindfulness, Creativity and Gratitude

This week the readings are light so that you may have the opportunity to begin to research your paper, further reflect on your topic, and begin to write.

Open Monitoring
The reading on Open Monitoring and Focused Attention will be helpful In better understanding each practice along with the relationship between the two. Through the various readings and guided practices that relate to open monitoring, you are able to draw upon (1) and intellectual discussion of the open monitoring practice, (2) scientific discussion of the open monitoring practice, and (3) your own practicing of open monitoring practice to better inform its connection to creativity.

Note that the three science readings provide you with an increasingly deeper dive into the science. As they are short, I encourage you to read them, but most important is understanding (1) what open monitoring is, (2) how open monitoring differs from focused attention, (3) how the science addresses these, and (4) what the science reports. You need only read the science articles to gain this general understanding.

The readings on gratitude will help inform the potential value to you of this week's gratitude practice—which is two each day write down something for which you are grateful on the "Gratitude Card."

Please Remember that we are meeting at 8:00 at the Lowe Art Museum. Plan to arrive at or before 8:00, bring an umbrella if it looks like rain, and wear comfortable shoes, as we will be walking back together and practicing mindful walking. The museum is a five minute walk from campus.

As the topic for this week is creativity, you have an assignment that taps into your creativity. As we discussed in class:
1. Take at least two pictures outside of a setting that includes the elements. Then, take a few minute and observe the image without judgment—just noticing the imagery as it is and whatever else arises in the field of awareness. As you reflect on the image, write a haiku for each picture you take. Text me (or e-mail) your photo and the haiku. Click here to learn a little more about haiku.

2. Craft a haiku for the three images found in the class handout. You may write it directly on the page and bring it to class.

Open Monitoring Exercise

Mindfulness Assignment
Below is an Open Monitoring practice. As you’ll read in the science article in your reading packet, the Open Monitoring exercises has been found to facilitate divergent thinking. Below is a 12 minute and a 15 minute Open Monitoring practice.

This week, practice the below Open Monitoring practice at least twice and text me your observations.

Otherwise, continue to practice listening to the guided recordings on Insight Timer. You may practice and message me as little or as often as you choose.

Mindfulness and Relaxation: A Reflection