Making the C.A.S.E. for Mindfulness
January 26, 2018

It was a treat meeting you all this last Friday.

In preparation for our next class on January 26th, you will want to:

1. Read the five articles in the handout.

2. Use Insight Timer to practice mindfulness every day for at least 3 minutes, noting your observations on the Daily Sitting Practice Card.

3. Reflect on the readings and, using no more than two pages, answer the assignment questions. You may download the questions on a Word document by clicking here.
Among the things we discussed, you may want to be especially attentive to:

A. Ensuring you sent an e-mail to me and Deb with your Insight Timer username, joined the Insight Timer group "Mindfulness in Law," and accepted my Friend request and sent me a short message.

B. Listening the specific guided mindfulness practices on Insight Timer. Namely, the "3-Minute Mindfulness Practice" and the 5 or 10 Minute "Body Awareness Practices with a Legal Twist," that I guide.

C. Turning in the writing assignment by Thursday at 3:00pm, by e-mailing to both Deb Martin and me, and bringing your Daily Sitting Practice Card to class.
Two Videos

Here is a 6-minute video with an update/review of the class assignments for the week.
Here is a short video clip with each of you saying your names. Please watch and see if you can remember your classmates names.